do It for Lupus - Walk for Lupus
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Melissa Adrian   Mel's Mob
Aaron Alves   Mel's Mob
Kim Avall   Lace Up 4 Lupus
Minakshi Bagai   Mel's Mob
Sanjiv Bagai   Mel's Mob
Taylor Bennett   Mel's Mob
Brenda Bergen   Bergie's
Josie Bradley   Lace Up 4 Lupus
Leisa Cadotte   Team Cadotte
Ron Cranfield   Walk for Brenna
Ellie Cranfield   Walk for Brenna
Brenna Cranfield   Walk for Brenna
Olivia Cranfield   Walk for Brenna
Marilyn Cruickshanks   Mel's Mob
Gary Cruickshanks   Mel's Mob
Eoin Deasy   Walk for Brenna
General Donation BCLS  
Alyshia Dyment   Mel's Mob
Zach Dyment   Mel's Mob
Sandy Gee   Team Moy
Dahl Gisel RBC Team RBC
Laura Grajales   Lace Up 4 Lupus
Ryan Laity   Lace Up 4 Lupus
Gina Lis   Lace Up 4 Lupus
Rosemary Mah   Lace Up 4 Lupus
Junica Marcilla   Lace Up 4 Lupus
Danielle McRae   Bumble Dee
Sheri Moy   Team Moy
Carly Moy   Team Moy
Neil Openshaw   Walk for Brenna
Mia Taghizadeh   Lace Up 4 Lupus
Jacquie Teager RBC Team RBC
Calleen Wall   Walk for Brenna
"Everybody can be great because anybody can serve...You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. And you can be that servant."
— Martin Luther King Jr.
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