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It's been 12 years since my diagnosis of SLE. The past 2 years have been extremely difficult and forced me into early retirement. *** Look for the release of MY BOOK, "Comfortable Pain", spring of 2018. It's my story of being a nurse, battling & over coming the obstacles of living with Systemic Lupus and chronic pain.Thanks to all my family and friends for your continued support. Please help me to support the BC Lupus Society, raise awareness and Shed Light on  Lupus. Every donation counts & together we can make a difference. Thank you!

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  • Hubert (about 7 months ago)

    Have a wonderful walk. So happy having met you in my life.xo Ubee

  • Brenda (about 7 months ago)

    You are truly such an INCREDIBLE INSPIRATION Leisa, not only to those struggling with disease, but anyone who faces challenges in life! Brenda

  • Andi and Richard (about 7 months ago)

    Keep going for it!

  • Renuka (about 7 months ago)

    Leisa, I hope you have a wonderful walk. Bravo!

  • Tom (about 7 months ago)

    So Proud..... Dad and Lisa

  • Sherran (about 8 months ago)

    I am so proud of your tenacity! xo Mom

  • Nadine and Chris (about 8 months ago)

    Way to go Leisa, you are an inspiration! Love and prayers, C & N

  • Teunis (about 8 months ago)

    You just keep pushing yourself! An example to so many!

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