do It for Lupus ~ Shed Light on Lupus ~ Walk for Lupus Research
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Jorge Andujar   LaceUp4Lupus
Stefan Avall    
Nathan Ayoubi    
Veerprit Belford   Veerprit Belford
Zachary Belford   Veerprit Belford
Don Bradley    
Josie Bradley   LaceUp4Lupus
Stark Chao    
Linda Civkin Ms.  
Linda Civkin Ms.  
Crimson Clad   LaceUp4Lupus
Sam Cochrane    
Nick Davies   LaceUp4Lupus
Mary De Vera UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
General Donation BCLS  
Sandy Gee    
Laura Grajales   LaceUp4Lupus
Lin Hall    
Wai Kam Hui    
Tammy Hui    
Ryan Laity   LaceUp4Lupus
Jenna LeClair    
Jaro Lis    
Yoshi Lok    
Marina Lok    
San-Lih Lok    
Justice Macauley   LaceUp4Lupus
Sheri Moy    
Rachel Pan    
Kaitlyn Parker    
Brad Parker    
Rebecca Parker    
Mitzi Saito    
Robert Saito    
Ellen Saito Mrs.  
Abbi Salisbury    
Derek Salisbury    
Emma Salisbury    
Mackenna Salisbury    
Paco Segura    
Geffen Semach    
Devon Taylor    
Jill Unsworth    
no leader - we're just a bunch of people BCLS UnTeam - Just a bunch of people
Danielle Werner    
Kurt Werner    
Wes Werner    
"He who cannot give anything away cannot feel anything either."
— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
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